The Trek Powerfly 7 LT is a stealthy, long travel, all-mountain electric bike with longer wheel base and adjustable seat stay hardware to optimize geometry for climbing and descending, proprietary “Active Braking Pivot” rear suspension reduces skipping, Knock Block headset and Hartzell Hug impact-absorbing downtube bumpers allow for straight downtube. Trek-invented Boost hub spacing improves spoke bracing angle and support for larger plus sized tires, quick release thru axles are sturdy and easy to work with, direct-link rear suspension stiffens the chain stays and bottom bracket without compromising performance thanks to the DeonAir rear shock. Beautiful battery integration, Bosch PowerTube 500 disappears into the frame, keeps weight low and center, provides space for a bottle cage mount and accessories above, sturdy locking core from ABUS with keyed-alike code, battery has a built-in handle for secure removal and transport. Bosch Purion display does not have an active Micro-USB port, the PowerTube 500 is heavier than the older PowerPack design, longer wheel base isn’t as nimble and the motor integration is flat vs. angled up (unless you get the carbon model), the motor is heavier than the competition, produces more noise, introduces some drag when unpowered. 2019 Trek Powerfly electric bike reviews.

You can skip ahead to different sections of the video:
– The review starts at 2:58
– Interview with Trek Suspension Labs at 12:24
– Battery removal at 20:22
– Bosch Purion display overview at 29:31
– Ride test and frame footage at 31:43


  1. I am upset with Trek for taking away the walking power setting on the Bosch motor system. Sometimes people lose themselves in their own egos, it is sad to see Trek doing this with their ebikes. Ah, someone has your white frame glasses. I didn't know there was more than one of those things! (Just kidding Cort, someone has to give you a bad time. I hope when you were there you tried to tell Trek to put the walking mode back in their ebikes. It is one of the major reasons why I won't purchase one of their ebikes.) I love Trek but there are a lot of people making good bikes and little things will make or break a sell, I feel. Super video, thanks!

  2. @Court I have the same bike you do or close, a 2018 Specialized Levo Turbo FSR Carbon Comp. Now looking at this new carbon Trek I am digging it. I just wish Specialized would make some brighter funner colors like Trek. Mine is black and don't particular like it though I love the bike.

  3. great review and promotion that u got to be apart of Court, I would of preferred u got on their Carbon version instead though

  4. hey bro. I need your help. I'm new to electric bicycle actually I'm doing project on hectic bicycle. I want to know what features an electric Bicycle must have. and some features u would like to see. and maybe it could be awesome if u can provide me your email address. thanks

  5. Hello really loved the review I torn between a trek e bike and the turbo levo range. I glad trek have fully integrated the battery looks beautiful. You have more experience than me what is your choice the new trek powerfly or a turbo levo. Thanks again

  6. Love when you review the major bike brands. Given their corporate power, I expect the best system design – yet I still dont see true advantages over the Bosch system. Bosch needs to dump the cost-saving Purion crap over Intuvia – I dont buy the corporate line about cleaner cockpit – it's cheaper and has fewer featurews than Intuvia, which charges phones AND IS REMOVABLE like ti should be. Sad that Nyon never got brought over here. Better system design should be used not shelved !


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