6 Din lagatar ko busy days ra tespachi ko weekend, sabai ko aaafno plans ra weekend resolutions hola. hami, the highflyers team pani weekend manauna katai jam bhanera we planned a short ride inside valley. As you all know we try to find new places in the outskirts of kathmandu and try to promote them through our videos. So here are some clips from our weekend ride to Trishul danda near changunarayan in bhaktapur.

We started our trip from boudha. Boudha bata sankhu ani changu hudai lagbhag 18-20 km ko bike ride pachi we reached our destination witnessing natural beauty and green paddy fields. When we reached our destination there were 2 shadhus, a huge trishul and monuments of different gods.

According to the history, while in the journey of unifying Nepal and was on the run to conquer kathmandu valley, king prithvi narayan shah tied his horses here in one big kabro (काब्रो) tree. That particular tree is belived to be 600 years old. sahdus told us that stucture of lord ganesh was originated in that tree after years.

The trishul here is 28ft tall above the ground and the base is 9ft below the ground. Huge festival is occures here in the time of changunarayan festival and Sankhu salinadi mela. you can witness views of different mountain ranges and beautiful kathmandu valley from the top of trishul dada.

gears used
dji phantom 3 standard
iPhone 6s Plus
One Plus 3t
GoPro Hero 4 Black

1) Boudha – Sankhu – changunarayan – Pouwa – Trishul Danda
2) Koteshwor – Bhaktapur – Changunarayan – Pouwa – Trishul Danda


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  1. life is what you make it live life free laugh, smile ,eat ,drink ,explore and celebrate moments.i love the fact that you share the beauty of Nepal to the world with people like me.am forever grateful my dear friends.cant wait to be in what i call my second home soon.

  2. Dayum!!! This is what im talking about…this is so perfect. Especially the shots are amazing..well done The HighFlyers team. Yo yo you cant see me. Haha


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