The Trixter X-dream is the first indoor fitness product that accurately simulates the experience of riding outdoors. Real feel gears, brakes, handlebars, pedal, cranks and seat sensors enable each move the rider makes to be accurately portrayed within the experience. The bikes resistance accurately depicts the terrain gradients, track surfaces and conditions. Choose from 5 different bikes with different handling characteristics for each type of trail and create a rider with your body, skin tone and fashion sense

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  1. This is the best static bike out there, on them every time I go to the gym, no harder than a normal spin bike but far more motivating, very expensive however if you want one in the home.

  2. we have to use these in my gym class and i ran into people on purpose and made the class get off the track! lol!

  3. Do the virtual images has to be for racing game? What about just to have a ride and fun? Because racing you are in tension and have to hurry, but you are just having a ride you do your things in peace, comfortable, in calm etc.


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