Bike using two, four, or six, 36 volt Dewalt battery packs in series for 72 volts powering a 408 Crystalyte motor.


  1. @iyterio8rsdty065erty

    I use four batteries so I only need four chargers. They all fit in my pannier bags. I rarely take them with me. except on really long rides. There is no free lunch.

  2. @seahorsecowboys

    I would recommend four or six. With four you can get about 20 miles on a 45 minute charge, more or less depending on speed and pedaling.

  3. @biodiversivist Not really. You Could conceivably add a generator capability to the front wheel. That would send a trickle charge back while moving, and a larger amount back while coasting downhill. You will never get back what the battery packs put out. But you can increase the range by decreasing the load on the batteries. Electric cars use the same technology to increase range.

  4. @SeigiSama That would slow you down more than
    extending your charge state, it would be like using a
    weaker motor that has more heat loss.

  5. @yellowmetalcyborg Sure, that can work. I saw a
    bicycle that used supercaps to do exactly that, and
    another used a flywheel for regen braking that was
    then used to re-accelerate after a stop.

  6. @yellowmetalcyborg Regen braking is not done as the
    only method of braking, it is used more like engine braking
    before regular pad brakes are applied at the very last.

  7. @yellowmetalcyborg The pedal acts as a sensor and applies full regen and
    to that adds as much regular brake as is needed according
    to whether you push the pedal harder to stop more urgently.
    All the regen is controlled by is the brake pedal switch, the
    pedal still directly drives pad brakes. It's like power brakes
    except the additional power brake stores it.

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  9. Can you post details on what the battery configuration and wiring is that allows to you slide the batteries into place? Thanks


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