This week, thanks to Wahoo, YOU can win the Elemnt Bolt – the first, fully aerodynamic GPS bike computer! It’s patent pending design creates an integrated system of computer and mount which results in a CFD (Computational Fluid Design) tested, highly aerodynamic system built to be on the front of your bicycle.

We’ve got three of these to win. How cool is that?!

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  1. I am new to bike computers. Is it just the "head unit" and your are good to go? Or do you need other things to attach to the bike like speed sensors and other things?

  2. The lighting of the unboxing videos makes it look like Simon snuck into the studio in the dead of night to do this because he is too excited to wait for the crew.

  3. I was so excited after watching this I went for a ride, and then did this huge skid that went for 500 metres. It created so much kinetic energy two houses caught fire.

  4. How did Simon keep a straight face when he said a 5 foot puddle is about the most you might encounter. Talk about a rough ride.

  5. Looking for reasons why I should buy the bolt vs. using my smartphone.. (lets put aside bolt being water proof and having a longer battery life)…. want one…. just cant find enough reasons to get one….

  6. Hi, How secure would this really be in Garmin mount? Reason being is I want this to replace my Edge 820 as the touch screen has issues with rain and water drops and as I use it for road and triathlon cycling it needs to also be able to fit into the xlab torpedo hydration system gps mount? The mount holds my Edge 820 fine but will it hold the Bolt as the locking lugs are slightly different aren't they?

  7. Does it have a function where you can let the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt make a route itself, based on a specific amount of miles you want to ride? Or may this be a feature in the future?

  8. Been watching for about a year… was subscribed, just checked and apparently I am not now. Gonna hit subscribe -_- and hope it sticks!

  9. hey GCC guys is there any chance you're going to review the stages dash? coverage on it is quite limited ,and I am quite interested in it

  10. I want one but… It took me 17 hours to complete the Eryri (213 miles) so my question is can it be charged and run on the move from an external power source?

  11. Have yet to see a bad review on the Elemnt Bolt and Wahoo keeps improving it. Already have a Garmin Fenix 5 to keep track of all my sports activities and manage combined training load, VO2 max etc. so really just needed clear navigation and a bigger display. There is no integration between Fenix/Forerunner and Edge, so took a chance and bought one of these!

  12. Once you have set a location through your phone can you keep your mobile data on your phone off for the rest if your ride?

  13. I’m new to the sport. I don’t understand why you need one of these when I already have a phone capable of displaying what I need and wouldn’t it be a disadvantage because your adding more weight? I really want one but is it worth it?


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