Have you been dreaming about buying a Ducati 996? Your first stop should be here.

Host: Peter Monshizadeh
Videography/Audio Engineering: Ian Glanzman
Music: Ian Glanzman
Camera Rig Driver: Kyle Grimes


  1. Nice review. I've owned a few Ducs since 2001. Currently have a 916 and ST4s. They are certainly not for everyone, especially if you're a gas-and-go rider, or if you're one who likes to race/argue via spec sheet and misinformation… If you can put some effort in to keeping them right and can enjoy a bike for what it is, they are very rewarding bikes to ride and own. I am speaking in terms of the older Ducatis, Desmoquatto era stuff, I have no idea what the new bikes are like to own.

  2. Solid video man, very informative, sooo on a scale of 1 to youre a dumbass, how bad of a first bike would one of these be? i found a low mileage one for 4999 that i just cant help but be interested in

  3. great review, I have had a 748 the smaller brother to the 916 for 8 years, and even though it doesnt have huge power and requires more attention it has more soul than any bike I have ever owned,

  4. Is this your own bike Peter? I'm really considering a 2002+ 748/916/996 since those models apparently are void of the rocker issues

  5. Hi great video man!! I m looking at buying a Ducati 996 it has travelled 12,500 kms is this a high milage for the bike? Appreciate your thoughts. It is exactly like your Gailo yellow.

  6. Nice review very accurate. The clutch is pretty heavy. Not a great commuter or long trip bike but these are full of character. Will never sell my 996.

  7. I've owned an 01 748 for 13 years with zero problems! I keep it on the battery tender and change oil every 3k miles or once per season. This bike has about 13k miles. It's had its 12k service and runs awesome.
    I have an 00 996 with 19k mi and it's a beast too! I just bought this one recently and have not had a chance yet to go through it but it's very clean and stock.
    Anybody looking for one should buy one soon before they are all used and abused!
    Let me know if your looking I may sell one or both for the right price!

  8. Thanks for a nice review mate! They so full of character that up today they make most of the bikes out there feel out of style.

  9. I see you have over 20k on your 996 as well. My ST4 and 996 both have over 20k miles. Can't bring myself to selling either!

  10. love it or hate it… I would never have one of those again. …or any other v-twin. Almost agricultural the way it runs. Yeah – hate mail, here I come 🙂

  11. Saw one of these for sale a couple years ago…beautiful bike even at its age!
    Definitely a fan of your reviews, subscribed!

  12. I have always wanted one, I am a born Italian and currently ride an R1 I LOVE Ducatis and would love to own one. Im 265 and 6'1 and im not sure if I just too big for one. I dont want it for the HP cause it is lacking in that area but for what it is.

  13. Excellent review. I enjoyed how you worded the descriptions and find that everything you say is very accurate. This bike has always been a love/hate relationship with me. Beautiful to look at, listen to and ride fast; cruising is almost unbearable at times. My XC mountain bike is more comfortable and it hardly has a seat. The Ducati 996 still is my favorite bike, regardless.


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