The environment you ride in is just as important as the motorcycle you are on. Do you find yourself riding roads that are a direct copy of a surveyor’s grid? With the Honda XR650L, discovering the hidden countryside is just a turn of the key away.

Host: Peter Monshizadeh
Videography: Nathaniel Spencer
Music: Ian Glanzman


  1. Love my 2012 xr650L.    Bought new and raised the bars up 3" and forward 3".  Lowered an inch n three quarts.   Fits like it should now!

  2. I would have got a 650L as a first bike, but they're just so damn ugly. I got a DR650 instead but its only marginally better.

    They really need to bring the XR650R back.

  3. Still amazed that Yamaha still makes my TW200 and Honda still makes this XR650L. They need to make my TW and the 650L lighter though

  4. That 99 has some pretty cool graphics! I've got a 2015. I put a white Clark tank on it (among other things) so it's got a simple clean look.

  5. Thanks for the tip on changing out the front brake line to a steel braided unit. At first I was like what is this guy smoking but it made more sense later on. The front on my 1993 had expanded quite a bit this really tightened the brake up. For the rear I think it would make it to touchy or on/off ish IE easy to lock up.

  6. ahhh ,,,dummy pointed at the oil crank case oil check bolt ,,,the oil cc drain bolt is on the shifter side ,,,,,,,,just sayin
    you get a quick look at bolt at 3:38

  7. 37inch seat height in the lowest setting? does it come with a lift if you use in the high setting then? but if you use it on the type of roads shown in this video what's the use of having all that ground clearance?

  8. i am 5"6 and i can ride the mighty L however it did come with a really short lowering link and shes still taller than i'd like. if you get alittle off balance at low speeds and have to put down a foot its alittle scary.

  9. Great review I must say. I have had plenty of makes and models over the years (40 bikes since 1985) but never had an XR650L. Well, that is going to change this year. The KLR650 is a good bike, but heavy with a soft suspension compared to the XR. And the liquid cooling just adds another off-road problem you don't want to put up with. You look like a young David Muir from ABC News. Anyway, a great review. Thanks!

  10. I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into these reviews. Good job on them. I hope that isn't why you put out so relatively few videos. If so, try to simplify things. All we want is you to ride the bikes and talk about them. The exact details of how you do so is less important, so do it the way that makes it easiest for you 🙂

  11. had a xr400 for over 4 years and literally wrapped it around a tree and it refused to die! have a had lots of amazing bikes since (gsxr, speed triple, fireblade, tuono, fz1, etc) yet miss that bike the most.

  12. At the 2:00 minute mark you mention the frame is from the 650R. Not so. 650R fame was aluminum, not steel. While they may look similar, they are not the same frames. I have an 07 650L and love it.

  13. Kudo's for a review without the "F" words punctuating everything. One main issue for any bike, is the lack of an ABS that insurance companies like to use as an excuse to ask you for more money.

  14. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to uncork any of these bikes? It makes them run better and have more power, not to mention the cooling affect, which will certainly increase reliability.

  15. Bought a 6 month old R one in '02 Was a lovely bike but just not for me. Did a straight swap for a 600 Hornet a few months later and the new owner absolutely loved it

  16. Great review thanks –  Love these bikes.  got 3 of them. Re-jetting essential from new. Way too lean  (Bullshit CA emmission laws) . Engine work is almost as easy as your Briggs & Stratton mower LOL


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