Have you always wanted to do a motorcycle track day? Life keeps getting in the way, right? We get it, we were in the same boat. All of that changed when we finally bit the bullet and signed up.

Host: Peter Monshizadeh
Videography: Nathaniel Spencer
Music: Ian Glanzman


  1. No chicken strips there!!! Hey man the camera is a little shaky in the vertical motion when you ride. Really getting shook up on bumps I guess. Loved the video and the music!!

  2. Great video man! I have a track 2 minutes from me. Can not wait. I needed this season to get used to my R1. I never rode a supersport before. I just have to squeeze my fat, old ass into that suit. lol.

  3. Way to go! You are producing a lot better content than big motorcycle magazines! Keep on good work! I enjoy used bike reviews too!

  4. thanks for that video!
    It's still bloody cold here in Switzerland and I can't wait the season to start again.
    You made my day!

  5. Great vid man! Very informative. I really needed this, I'm sloooooowly working my way towards my first track day myself. Cannot freaking wait.

  6. thanks for the video, you shouldn't wear cotton, it doesn't wick moisture well, they have some underwear by dainese, rs taichi and alpinestars that helps you stay cooler and dry

  7. Thanks for the content ,it's nice to see another duc lover .l got an 899 panilgale myself but l analysts loved the 916and 996 the sound so good

  8. I really want to do a track day but I see so many video's of people crashing at the track and i don't want to risk ruining my bike
    i have ridden since 2000 but only recently got a super sport bike and feel like i am starting from scratch. really loved your video so thank you for sharing your track day with us

  9. i ride with sportbiketracktime.com awesome instructors huge schedule. im getting faster with every time i go. it definitely the most fun I've ever had. glad to see you made the choice to go man. keep it up you'll be selling those useless light's on eBay in no time… lol

  10. Dude that is a great video. I have done one track day and just bought a bike to make a street track bike out.. good to see someones else doing this ans showing the experience.

  11. Fantastic video! I'm about to have my first track day at Putnam Park on April 15 and couldn't be more excited. I'm also from KC!

  12. Doesn't seem too bad for a 1st track day ! I'm curious, how much riding experience did you have before the 1st track day ?

  13. This is helpful for anyone who has any interest in a first track day. I remember my first few times, it's intimidating. You will generally find lots of helpful people, don't be afraid to ask around!

  14. I laughed so hard with the baked prune… because it's so true 🙂 I mean… I have been on sick bay not because I crashed but because of a dehydration problem ^^

  15. Severely underrated channel, great video.
    I remember my first track day experience and it was very much like yours.

    Keep up the great work, subscribed.

  16. Becoming a "baked prune" is literally one of my worst fears. Jokes aside, that was a really nice video. I like your positive and humble attitude. I've never done a track day myself and I think it's because I don't have any confidence in myself, even though I've been riding for a long time. I have a feeling that I'd either be really good or really shit.
    At any rate videos like this inspire me to give it a try one day. Cheers!

  17. Very good video. I've been wanting to attend a track day and your video is very insightful. I'm more comfortable about what to expect now.

  18. I trust you have been to more track days but I have a few comments that may be helpful to other beginners on their first day on track:
    — Forget racing line and breaking the first day. Concentrate on one or two things. I would say that the most important is where you look and throttle control. Curbs are nice but if you find yourself focusing on them as you go by (very easy to do) you are focusing on the wrong things. Where you look is where you go, look at the next corner. For beginners you should go on the throttle when entering the corner and have a smooth increase of speed all through the corner. That will keep the bike stable. Later you will trail brake but that is NOT for beginners.
    — Loosing the chicken strips on the first track day show that your riding position is bad. But don't worry about that on your first day. Correct riding position is difficult for most riders, especially for experienced motorcyclists that have had years on the road to "learn" the wrong position.
    — Find a good, certified, instructor to listen to. May not come for free. You can listen to other more experienced riders but be aware that they are probably not trained instructors and there are myths out there. Avoid racers, they are on a totally different level and have no idea what kind of input a beginner need.
    — Getting you knee down is not important. Unless of course the whole point of your track day is to boast about your scratched knee pads to your friends, ignore this.
    — Beware that most internet sites that give you advice cram stuff that you need 10 to 20 track days to learn and some are downright wrong. Search for "twist of the wrist", I hear this is good stuff.
    — Don't bring anything to the track that you cannot afford to loose. You may never crash, but on the other hand, you may.

    — Have fun. Above all, have fun. Forget everything above and have fun Just be aware that track days are a powerful and addictive drug that will get you hooked faster than you think.

  19. Dude that's the closest raceway to me! That's awesome. Only 1 1/2 hrs for me though. Didn't know they did bike track days.

  20. I enjoyed watching this. Not only because I'll have a track day next spring, but also because it was interesting, well edited, and definitely from an enthusiast biker and not someone full of his ego.
    I'll go watch the other videos.

  21. Your vidz are awesome! Need more more more! Both track and used bike tests. At 7:48 did the racing instructor have the new tirestickers still left on? (I know they will fall of but that is some extra debri on the track + slippery?)

  22. Excellent Video. I've done track days for so many years, but I remember my first one. Lots and lots of fun. Thanks for sharing this experience.

    The local track that I frequent the most is New Hampshire Motor Speedway, but we do have a brand new track(Club Motorsports) that opened up last year, and we got to ride the very first motorcycle track day event at that facility. Talk about a baby smooth road surface and beautiful flowing turns on the side of a mountain. In the morning the upper elevations were in the clouds and the lower portions were clear.

    Oh, I'm also a huge fan of yellow motorcycles, and when I started riding them, I notice I got cut off a lot less frequently in traffic.

    Anyway, take care and keep taking baby steps, nobody ever "arrives" as riding motorcycle is a life of learning. Have fun and Enjoy The Ride!

  23. Great job…how long did you street ride before tracking…8 years? What was a top speed or the comfort zone?… you said you got a rhythm which I have done in many different sports. I live 3 miles from my track and have been wanting to do this since I was a kid. I learned in dirt, motox Dual sport, street, never a Sportbike Just put a deposit on Super low mile Honda 600F4i. Looks a bit like your yellow bike hope to keep it that way.


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