It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for #askgmbn, the weekly show where we answer all your questions from this week’s videos! Ask us your questions by commenting below including the hashtag #askgmbn or by emailing them to

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After the amount of questions we’ve had this week about wheelies, manuals and the body positions necessary for perfecting the two, you should be able to master them in no time! If you crack on with your practice that is!

Also on this weeks #ask we’ve got some facts about frankenbikes and a big hint about one of this weekend’s upcoming videos. Check it out and as always, get involved in the comments ?

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  1. #ask gmbn Hey Gmbn, can I change the airshaft in my rockshox pike rc to increase the travel i.e from 130mm to 140mm (or even 150) rear shock is also 130mm

  2. #askGMBN hey guys, thank you for sharing my almoust OTB on the #correctmeifimwrong ! Thanks for the tips, and I just wanted to let you know that i have nailed this section last week! Huge fan of the channel, great work guys!! Just hoping to get my bike on the bike vault sometime… cheers from Brazil!!

  3. #askgmbn I need to remove my cassette but I don't have the tool nor can I get it anytime soon where I live ….can u give me some other ways to remove the cassette safely?

  4. #askgmbn After watching a ton of your videos I’ve decide to take the plunge into the MTB world. What would recommend for a first timer??? Hardtail or full suspension? 27.5, 29er or 27.5+? No hardcore drops on my local trail but there is a fair amount of climbing and downhill. Thanks. Keep up the great videos.

  5. Question: I have a Rockshox oil front fork a Recon I think an old model. Can I tune my oil fork? If so how?

  6. #askgmbn Im coming off of a cross country hardtail and I would like to do more technical rides. Should I invest in a low end dual suspension (Eg Giant stance) Or a plus tire hardtail with 120mm travel at the front?

  7. Great channel and thank you for your guidance. Not sure if you have had this question before. Is it possible to manual on a 29er ? Have tried and tried without success. Any suggestions ? Thanks Charles

  8. Funny that someone asked about a Frankenstein build. I’m working on one, myself: hybrid frame, cyclocross fork, mtb 1x drivetrain.

  9. What is a good durable dirt jump bike for under 400
    Dollars. I've been using my Kona hardtail at the jumps but I was wondering if I could keep using it or if I need a dirt jumping bike.

  10. #askgmbn please do a video on the different kinds of resins for disc brake pads.
    My xtr brakes fit 3 different kinds, i want to know what material do i use under what conditions.
    Thanks guys!

  11. #askgmbn As I start to ride faster and more aggressively I find that I am washing out my front wheel a lot, especially when leaning the bike in tighter or higher speed maneuvers. Do you think is could be a bike setup problem with regards to weight distribution or purely body position/technique? I have a very Nobbly 2.5" tyre on the front. GMBN Vids FTW

  12. #askgmbn i'm starting to get into dirt jump bikes and i have a local bike park,trying to build my own dirt jump bike, please please please do a video on a dirt jump buyers guide consisting of best components and forks… love your videos keep up the hard work:)

  13. #askgmbn I have noticed in a lot of your videos the axles in your bikes are quite thick, I have a Giant Anthem 1 and the axle with it is very thin, is this ok for harsh mountain biking or do i have to get it changed.

  14. #askgmbn I have a hand-me-down bike from my dad which I have upgraded most parts that feel worth it but maybe not much further i can go without getting a new bike, any recommendations for a good modern geometry hardtail? And of course Love the videos ????

  15. @askGMBN When I jump I feel like my feet separate from the pedals. What’s the problem with my technique? I’m riding flats btw.


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