The Velec A2 is an approachable neighborhood electric bike with lots of utility extras, plastic fenders with rubber mud flaps, a long plastic chain cover, a rear carry rack, and LED lights. The step-thru frame is reinforced with a gusset at the front and shortened top tube near the bottom to reduce frame flex, smaller 26-inch tires bring the frame closer to the ground. Efficient 48 volt power system offers a bit of zip and climbing power, Velec sells three battery size options for this model so you can extend range, the battery is removable but you must take the saddle and seat post off. Simple LED display panel doesn’t offer as precise of power readouts, there’s no up or down arrows to change assist (you just cycle all the way through 1-5), basic 7-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain, linear pull brakes vs. disc.


  1. I think I’m the first viewer of your video, I got a problem with Raleigh bike then I finally had my money back, please tell me what is the best bike for courier??


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