Ventum Racing’s radical UCI-illegal bike has integrated hydration and lacks a downtube and seatstays, but is it actually fast?

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  1. Old concept. Same frame-shape as Mike Burrows's 'Lotus' sponsored road/TT bike back in the early 90's….
    I like it. I think they might get a copyright enquiry from Mike soon though… :-/

  2. Who needs down-tubes? Riders who prefer non-squirrely handling, apparently. Not actually any faster? What's the point of it then? More work needed guys!

  3. I think what they have successfully demonstrated is that the drag caused by a two triangle frame is less significant than the drag caused by the interaction between the rider and the bike and the drag caused by all the loose cables on their bikes. This interaction between rider and bike is where Cervelo concentrate being very up front that their bikes don't always win on aero as a bare bike. While I have no doubt that these non triangle bikes have some potential aero advantages it's not surprising that a very optimised conventional design beat this bike which given it is from a small outfit has probably had a fraction of the amount of aero development. The issue for them is that big manufacturers like Cervelo and Diamondback are already thinking along these lines.

  4. OK, so we have more aero bike that is slower… but heavier (you always do micro accelerations all the time, though one kilo on flat surface should be negligible) and potentially less efficient due to flexing (can this be lab tested?), also drivetrains can be slightly different in terms of efficiency… and there's the obvious, already mentioned factor: rider's position/drag (and one should not forget that it's BIKE + RIDER aero what matters, not just bike itself). In any case, what can be tested on the spot is adding dead weight to Orbea and use the same drivetrain/wheels, or eventually check the position (measure, compare photos from the side…)

  5. if you have any more spare parts just laying around taking up space i could take some clutter off your hands and come to think of it i need a few things.. haha

  6. Wow, fantastic honest review…. Personally I think Ventum ditched the wrong tube. Top tube bye bye, down tube stay for maths….

  7. Did you have a water bottle on the Orbea? If you didn't, would that have made the test more relative since the Ventum has one on the top tube?

  8. Great review. Extremely informative and honest with the wheel rub. However it was hard to tell for sure in video but it looked like to me on your Orbea Ordu test bike it looked like you had assymetric chainrings (Rotor Q-rings). Besides the power measurement being a little different (not much I know) the way you pedal from one bike to the next is a major variable/factor that you need to account for. Hypothetically the Q-rings are meant to make power transfer more efficient eliminating dead spots so that could favour the Orbea. I'm very surprised the guys at Ventum after seeing your results didn't look at this to try to make an argument for why the Orbea could have won. I mean no offence to Orbea but for Ventum's sake if it can't beat an Ordu in a TT, it's got problems when it's goes up against the big boys like the P5. I'd be throwing every argument I could out there to try to make sense of these surprising results if I were Ventum.

  9. A 10 mile course with gradients & a 7 second difference then a 10 mile flat course with a 24 second difference means what? The difference is so small it surely must be w/i a margin of error for uncontrolled variables. As an example, BR didn't say how they controlled for body position & that's HUGE! They actually didn't even say the SAME rider was used between the bikes. It's an interesting data point but it has to be cast aside.

  10. very ugly bike. im sure its good but hey 🙂 no one needs 2L container of the same fluid. if you do an ironman or a half you have an aid station every 45min.

  11. To be honest, I only allowed to autoplay to continue and watched this because the bike looks so weird to me. 😉 Me = no triathlete, no road biker. But in a weird way I might have just learned a lot about stiffness of frame. Thanks for that!


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