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The Tern Verge X10 folding bike was designed to be the ultimate combination of lightweight and simplicity while still maintaining a fierce pedigree for speed. One of the ways the Verge X10 achieves such a high degree of performance is by combining a responsive frame with a wide range of gears. By sticking to 10 gears the Verge X10 is very simple to operate. You just click one lever to shift to faster gears and one lever to shift to easy gears. In that way operating the bike is effortless and it lets you spend more time looking at the road and the world around you than down at the gears.

This bike uses a hydroformed aluminum frame to achieve a very light weight without sacrificing ride quality. It uses a SRAM X9 drivetrain for crisp and responsive shifting and it has Kinetix wheels that give the bike zippy an smooth feeling. You wont find a simple and lightweight folding bike that’s better than this one. Tern really nailed it with their Verge X10 folding bike.


  1. It will not go into Railway Station Lockers that easy or carry luggage as well as the Brompton. Its a lovely sports bike but not an an exceptional all rounder. Horses for Courses !


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