Please note: this was made a couple years ago. Some of my friends have bought even cheaper lights on Amazon:

This is a review of a 4000 lumen bike light I bought on Ebay which is superior to my Exposure MaxX-D and Exposure Diablo at 1/5 or less the price.

Someone pointed out you can find lights like this on for $40. Just search Amazon for 4000 Lumen Bike Light!

For run-times, click this link:

This light has a unique feature. After about 1 hour, it goes into a very fast strobe mode which you can’t see, but a camera can. This gives this particular light about a 5.5 to 6 hour run time on high which is crazy long. However, if you want to video a ride, this could be a problem.

I have another cheap light like this that doesn’t do strobe and only lasts about 2 hours.

I have no idea how to tell from either of the ebay listings which kind of light you’re getting.


  1. Buy an empty battery box and use your own 18650 cells, something like 3500mah panasonic. Look for solarstorm battery carriers. These cheap chinky lights are generally good, it's the cells they come with that let them down! Supply your own and you can't go wrong!

  2. Are there any lights that have a sharp cutoffs to prevent blinding oncoming people? It would be awesome to have a projector headlight like the ones in cars.

  3. Awesome!, I'm definitely getting one, the width of the beam seems great for a heads-up on upcoming potholes and lights far enough ahead for the speeds I go on Electric bike👍😊Thanks!!!

  4. I've had a similar light from ebay for two years. I rate it, I can't justify £2-300 for a light. I paid £30 delivered and sure the battery is a bit of a pain, but the light itself is awesome. Puts my three other lights to shame. Get one, it's worth it

  5. nice video 🙂 have a fun day Doug 🙂 i subscribed to your channel i hope you like and subscribe back to my channel Doug 🙂

  6. i agree Brad! just got a planet bike 650 xlr, needs to try this tonight. for 60CAD. hope it last at least more than 2 hours on bright mode. 🙂

  7. those cheap high power bike lights have only clear glass plates with no front panel optics to reduce glare to pedestrians and not low enough brightness modes and dangerously block rider visibility to drivers from glare. the more expensive brand name lights have road approved optics like car headlights have so they dont dazzle people on low mode

  8. Thanks for good review, could you tell me why my light goes out without any warning, i thought they were supposed to leave a small light if the battery needed charging

  9. Thanks for good review, could you tell me why my light goes out without any warning, i thought they were supposed to leave a small light if the battery needed charging

  10. Best bit about the Exposure Maax D is it auto reduces power when not moving and even when on low it provides enough light to cruise home at an ok speed

  11. Thanks for the review I feel the best lights are ones with a USB 2 conneciton so I can use them directly off the battery of the electric motor on my bicycle.

  12. 7:15 – You forgot to mention that a spare battery pack for the kit from e-Bay is easily achieveable/replaceable from either e-Bay itself or Aliexpress (in case that you do not want to do as instructed here: "use your own 18650 cells, something like 3500mah panasonic").

  13. Expensive lights, you pay for the brand name. Just like Surfire, it's a total rip off. I'm sure Surefire flashlights are good, but I wouldn't spend that amount of money. This bike light uses xm-l T6, which is normally 860 lumen and it can go a little bit higher. With 3 xm-l t6, it can go up to 3,000 lumen. Also check out the Imalent BG10. Do price check. Fasttech sells it for $30+.

    The good thing about the BG10 is that it doesn't just shine far, but also downward 1.5m away from wheel.
    One thing people need to be careful is that often Chinese flashlights always claim to be much higher lumen than the actual output. I've seen lights that shows "5,000 lumen". It's not. You have to know the type of led emitter. Based on the manufacturer of the led, it will show the true output lumen. This bike light is good enough for $20.

    Also the more led it has the brighter, but you're sucking up battery much faster too.

  14. Well… There's no such thing as an "eBay light" since eBay isn't s manufacturer, it's just a resource to connect people together.

    But thank you for the video, sir. Helpful info.


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