The Tacoma Cyclist and the Boogeyman look at Wahoo’s Elemnt Cycling Computer and talk about why we’re abandoning market-leader, Garmin, in favor of this system.


  1. hi guys, I'm doing a wee run from ijmuiden to rome in a couple of months and I am trying to decide between the garmin and the elemnt. my primary concern is that I don't want to take loads of maps with me so I need a cycling route finder 14 x 100 mile routes to be exact. can either hold that many files? cheers

  2. When I cycle I drive to a location, park set a Waypoint then ride. When I am ready to go home, I tell my GPS to route me to my saved Waypoint and I follow it back to my car. Does the Elemnt allow me to do this from the head unit?
    Great Review BTW.

  3. Good video comparison between your wahoo and garmin experience. I've considered the wahoo head unit as well.

    Is the wahoo strictly button based (no touch screen?) How easy is it to press everything with thick gloves? One thing I enjoyed with the 810 is easy navigation with touch screen, just swipe left or right to change pages.

    I agree on the live segment display on the garmin. It annoys me how it switches to full screen of the segment with KOM time and timer in red or solid black to show how far or ahead you are to beating it without showing power or anything else.

    As for the zoom in mode, is it similar to the garmin when they let you select (race/train/commute)? I've noticed when I go into race mode, it just shows power and speed or power and timer depending on what I have selected for it. Useful for summer time when we raced the PR.

    With the Garmin if you have it paired up with bluetooth to your phone you can send the file over via ride with gps. I've done that couple times with my 810. The two big things I hate about the 810 is 1) the delay with gps for turn by turn navigation. 2) If I don't sync the garmin after there is a new update it won't record my ride (all the numbers will show up in the data fields, just won't be saved). When you mentioned having too many pages on the screen, I learned that you have to go settings to turn off each individual page.

    Last question, does the wahoo have 3rd party apps where you can download different widgets to change the screen or customize the buttons on the unit?

  4. Great review. Thanks.

    My wife and I travel a lot, so download maps from openstreet map to our Edge 520s.

    I believe you cannot do that in this? Are the built in maps good enough, or atleast as good as what openstreet maps give us?

  5. I disliked my Garmin from the outset and was vocal about it. Back then everyone raved about them. Now this has come out people are turning away from them. I'm bothered that this is just another fickle fad and I will be just as disappointed.

  6. I'm a truck driver and show up to a new place daily. I read your earlier comment that it has a route to home or waypoint function but how long does it take to ride plan and can this all be done via phone? I normally stop the truck and am changed and on the bike within just a few minutes. How long will I be adding for setup?

    I'm also looking at the Tacx Bushido smart and watched your review of it earlier. I also show up to places where I'm leary of wondering to far and the no power cables for the Bushido is very helpful.

  7. Any chance the ride planning apps show elevation changes? I'm still really new to cycling and my last couple of rides were anything but flat. I like climbing but It would have been nice to know it was coming in advance. Lol it would have been nice to know the pitbull was waiting for me at the top of the last brutal climb of my ride too but you can't have everything.

  8. I hope the cycle computers part of Garmin falls by the wayside. With devices like this they really don't deserve to still be around.

  9. Thx, great video. I dumped my Edge 820 in favour of the Elemnt partly because of your videos.

    I see your also using a Stages power meter. I got a lot of dropouts on the Edge 820 on the ANT+ signal. Therefore I want to connect the Elemnt with the Bluetooth signal of the Stages. I can connect other BTLE sensors, but the Elemnt only sees the ANT+ signal of the Stages.

    Were you successful in connecting the Stages on the Elemnt with Bluetooth?

  10. Great review! Also a very good tutorial on the Elemnt. I'm a Garmin convert myself and couldn't agree more. The ease of use of the Elemnt vs the Garmin alone is enough for me. One thing, I notice the altimeter on the Elemnt consistently underrates the elevation from the Garmin, but that's not a big deal to me.

  11. I feel ya currently selling my 520 as i am tired of the constant power drops on my stages power meter. wahoo element bolt here i come

  12. Erm, but there is a major problem : they are orientated at 90% to each other. So where the Garmin would be correctly upright, the Element bolt would be horizontal on the same mount.

  13. I'm thinking about dumping my Garman for the wahoo but I'm wondering what you do with multiple bikes if you have different tire sizes and crank arm links and different sensors i know the wahoo will pick up multiple sensors but how does it adjust for different tire sizes and crank arm lengths to get correct data as far as speed and miles etc.?

  14. I cant speak for the 1000 but for the Garmin 810 you have two data fields for strava live segments, i track power on it no problem.

  15. Thanks for the comparison of the two units. Just clarifying one point: your saying that the Elemnt does work well with the Stages power meter? I've been using a Garmin 520 with a Stages and I get many power dropouts (spontaneous zero readings) on the Garmin, where the Stages app on my iphone never shows the zeros when comparing at the same time. Perhaps its related to the k-edge mount i'm using as its mettle? but not sure. Would love to know your experience with Elemnt and Stages. Thanks.

  16. I've been using the Garmin 500 since 2009 (in blue). That's a full 2 years before my first smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy S2. I've put tens of thousands of miles on this thing and it's really worked well. I can't imagine my Galaxy S2 still working like my Garmin! I'm finally going to upgrade to the Wahoo however… it's just time to upgrade. It will be interesting to see if the Wahoo can survive as much as my Garmin has. So many crashes, a few broken bones, KOM's, downpours, dust, snow, and it still works! It will be an adjustment to not rush to my PC to sync it with my accounts to see how I did!

  17. I am looking to get a trike, I don't know how much riding I will do. Mostly on weekends. I am watching your vid. I was looking at the Garmin, But you are saying NO. I am looking at getting the for gear charging as I want 3×11 with Shimano 1950. So I am asking you. Witch computer do you like, Need miles rode, Time. I use Garmin connect on my phone for my weight, Walking. So this will work when out walking. Thanks

  18. I have a Stages PM and had the same connection issue with my Garmin. I was told not to mount the Garmin in front of the stem (i.e out front), which is where most typically mount them. Is your Wahoo mounted out front? If so have you had any issues now since it's been about a year since the switch? I sent my unit to Stages and they sent me the 3rd generation PM, which is supposed to have better Ant+/BT connection – 6x better according to Stages.



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