B-E-A-U-tiful weather today in Cornwall, so I took my GoPro and my Fatbike out for a coastal bash.
(Technically it’s my girlfriends fat bike, but she doesn’t mind. 🙂 )
The fat bike in question is the Calibre Dune, from go outdoors, see a full review for this on my channel.
Note the gimbal I use is a Feiyu tech WG. (also review for this on my channel too)


  1. I recently bought a fat bike, got it with he intention of bike packing and exploring the Cornish coastline. It was pretty weird finding this video of someone riding a fat bike in the same place i ride mine!

  2. Great video, thanks. I've been thinking about getting a fat bike for riding on the beach. How does your do (durability/corrosion/mechanically) with the salt water/sea air? I'm concerned that the maintenance and parts replacement due to the salt water might become an issue.

  3. Great fun,  stick a Bluto on them and then they also slay singletrack,   got a tonne of pr's with kona wozo,  long slack and a Bluto,  it can go really really fast in the right conditions!

  4. i notice from the components it doesn't have the most expensive derailleur, and it doesn't have a clutch. but in the footage, i cant hear the chain slapping around hitting the frame, is it quiet?

  5. Thanks for sending me this link Mr Biscuits .. yes we live in a lovely area here in the south west… never taken for granted! …;) bike looks just the job of it!


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