Hey everyone! This video was made to address some different questions involving wheels including things like rim depth and weight of the wheel! I hope this helps and remember to keep Cycling Strong!

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  1. it's amazing how these experts share their views to the public; they are really making things easier for people who just started serious biking 🙂 A gazillion thumbs up for this video!!

  2. So this is an Enve wheel promotion?  But most everyone doesn't have someone else buying their wheels or $3000 plus to dish out on wheel set alone. Even many who do won't waste that kind of money if not a racer.

  3. Would 155- 165 lbs be considered light weight. I am looking at enve 4.5s as my go to as lots of the races here are crits and and tt with long road races every so often.

  4. Carbon wheels are way to expensive. Most of us wouldn't pay that much for a complete bike. I don't even put carbon wheels on my wish list because it's just plain stupid to speed money like that.

  5. You should make some video on alloy wheels because those carbon wheels are not affordable for the most of us so this is not much of a help.

  6. Weight. You forgot weight for climbing. Deep wheels weigh too much for serious climbing. I use 3.4s too because they are in my opinion the best all-around compromise and allow serious climbing as well, and enough aero for the descent. As far as this being an Enve commercial, it's not, but all of the most modern attributes of carbon wheels are in Emve's. If you're heavy, Enves molded in spoke holes are for you.

  7. Good video, but i would have liked a more comprehensive coverages for different uses. (commuting, touring, etc) any ideas for links or sources?

  8. My most expensive wheels were less than $700 in 2003. I built them. They have king hubs mavic alum rims and 32! Spokes. Since then Ive broken 1 spoke, trued them maybe 3 times. Theyre cx wheels that get ridden in rocky singletrack I dont usually get dropped by my buddies on their carbon wheels. Point is to build simple wheels with lots of j bend spokes. Theyll last a lifetime! You dont need king hubs. I just like them. Shimano is fine. I have dura ace and campy wheels also that are 30+ years old. Still ride them alot on trails.

  9. I feel like I want to buy a Enve wheelset, sadly, the set would be more expensive than my bike… I have a Devinci Leo Sl equipped with Ultegra 6800 🙁


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