Going over my tips and tricks to buying a used motorcycle, and what I’ve done to insure a good deal! If you have any questions leave a comment down below!
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  1. Can some one help me because im thinking of geting a 50cc bicke. And i dont know if i shuld get a yamaha tzr50 or aprilia rs50 plis help me thanks

  2. also you might wanna see if the guy is say 18 to 30 he probably ran that thing like a bitch. I would rather buy from an older guy. they tend to take care of there stuff a little better a,d don't run them as hard.

  3. the guy i bought my ninja from, i wish i would have taken all the signs more seriously. i now have the motor out and torn apart, it needs rings and valve adjustment. im running 90-100 lbs of compression. ugh. granted i had put on about 1800 miles with major issues, i shouldnt have been driving the bike at all, in all honesty. and there was lots of dried oil on the bottom of the fairings.

  4. i think first thing before buying bike is not over exciting like you said on vid, you won't get clear judgement because you think you must buy that bike. second thing is to check the papers, is it clear, complete, and not cause you problem when you ride it and get stop by cops. third thing is ask for the maintain papers, how many times the bike goes into maintain on dealer or trustworthy garage. check how close the owner keep their maintain schedule for the bike, for example the bike should maintain every 5mo, and the owner miss every maintain schedules, the appearance might look mint but not the engine inside, better bring mechanic friend with you to verify the engine is good or not because the owner miss their schedule. some official dealer also keep their client maintain records on their server, so you can cross check the papers from the owner with dealer to verify the maintain of the bike. NOTE for the owner, keeping your fix or maintain papers with official dealer/garage stamp can make your bike price stable and not drop much because you can guarantee to the buyer that your bike in good condition.

  5. Another tip is: don't get too excited. I have a problem where I get super excited and start overlooking things or dismissing things. Luckily I always catch myself and end up negotiating to a way lower price. But there's been a few times where I almost bought a piece of shit for the price of a brand new bike all because I was so excited.

  6. 2 bikes for 1100 is it a good idea? a katana and a zx one needs clutch and the other a little tlc. is that a good go to buy and fix on your own? ive asked if theres any other problems but have not gotten a message back yet.

  7. all dealers will say that the bike your looking at is "in good shape". I would try look at the bike before I talk to the seller. know what to look out for fault wise before talking

  8. I am buying a 2003 Buell Lightning XB9S second hand. I'm a new rider and I will be taking a rider safety course this spring. I am so excited!!

  9. I actually sold my 4 month old 2014 Honda so I can buy a 13 Yammi that I knew I had the guy on the fence for. I walked TWICE from him n let 2 weeks pass then went n called n said I'm just curious to see what he sold for?

    Anyway 1 hour later I was at his garaged house with $1k in my sock n the rest to pull out of my pocket n say I will give you this right now n take it home tonight done deal.

    Had my helmet n jacket n armored pants in truck for 2 nd test ride since it was misting out the first ride. Couldn't really test brakes n trueness of bike. Ripped it around belt pkwy up to good speeds. Pulled cash out n got it $800 cheaper then asking. Walking away does you very well if ur willing to miss out on a bike. I was sweating it but stuck to my guns. 4 th one I was in love with too. Scored

  10. First thing to do is read the advertisement, then go look at the bike and if the seller if honest, make sure they are and judge the owner Then ask why are you actually selling it and yes check the gas tank then check the plastics and go from there, and if they let you, start it up to hear it run


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