Teams have 5 or more different sets of wheels they can use on any given stage. We went to see MTN-Qhubeka to find out how they choose which ones to run.
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All MTN-Qhubeka’s wheels are supplied by North American company ENVE. They provide the team with various depths of rim, from shallow, lightweight 20mm to super-aero 80mm. Depending on the parcours and the weather conditions, riders will choose a deep wheel for flat, fast days where aerodynamics are important. On a mountainous stage, of which there are many in the Tour de France, the emphasis will be on a lighter wheel with less depth.

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  1. I do still like your on-running 'did I mention I used to ride for the Cervelo Test Team' joke Dan – but every time you mention it, I instinctively think of you riding for an actual test team, testing new equipment in the wind tunnel or testing a bike after a mechanic fix, very much in support of, but nowhere near getting into the pro team itself! Haha #perhapsmoreappropriate #waterboy 😉

  2. they ride what the sponsor of the team provides them with , and they say its the best even if there not , because they are paid profesionals . good work thought GNC

  3. Question for the width… Why 26 in the front and 24 in the rear.
    I learned it all the time the other way around. Either same front and rear or bigger in the rear.

    I am confused. 🙂

  4. Just wondering, will High-rim Tublar wheels make a noticable difference when you are moving at the average speed of 33~35?

  5. ENVE are the best wheel manufacturer bar none! Their carbon is incredible Lightweight, Zipp, Campag, and Mavic are all racing for second.

  6. Question: On a pro TT bike the front wheel is often tri-spoke and the back wheel is often a full carbon disc. If it is aerodynamically beneficial to have a disc format why are both the wheels not disc? or both wheels not trip-spoke?

  7. I'd be keen to find out the reasoning behind MTN-Qhubeka's decision to ride 26mm front tyres and 24mm rear tyres. This seems to go against the common decision to ride either consistent width tyres front to rear or wider rear tyres.

  8. Quick question related to Enve wheels: I'm buying my first set of aero-carbon wheels and I'm going with either the 3.4s or the 4.5s. Which set do you think are the better "all-rounders"?

  9. I like how Dan just took a set with no hesitation and just ran off made me laugh super hard. Cheers to em 🙋🙋🙋🙋🏃🏃🏃🏃

  10. Yes. What the pro's use. But what about us snooks who work for min. wage and beg for deals. Do a segment, in depth, on what we should be looking for and wheels that are affordable.

  11. 3:20 Dan uncanny mention of riding cervelo tst team and mechinic being his at the time elicits classic literal tongue in cheek nod of head response – mechanic seems more interested in testing stiffness of wheels in his hand than being reminded of this seemingly painful time in his life


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