Multiple back-to-back tests of the Evil Wreckoning, Orbea Rallon, Specialized Enduro, Transition Sentinel, and Trek Slash revealed their strengths and weaknesses, and then we raced them against the clock!

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Evil The Wreckoning Review – 3.5 / 5 Stars

Orbea Rallon M10 Review – 4.5 / 5 Stars

Specialized Enduro Coil 29 Review – 4 / 5 Stars

Transition Sentinel Review – 4 / 5 Stars

Trek Slash 9.8 Review – 4 / 5 Stars

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  1. This was a fantastic review. A lot of work. Well done. Much appreciated. What a challenge to compare these bikes which are like apples and oranges despite falling into the same general category. In general, I am always feeling frustrated that everyone is always testing the highest end bikes – which most of us can't afford. And I wonder what proportion of the market is really held by bikes that are above $6K. My request for a future comparison would be to look at one brand and model and compare the bikes that are spec'd from across the range in price. For instance, the YT Capra 29… could you compare their four versions that are priced at $2999, $3699, $4299, and $5199. Or compare the line of the Santa Cruz HighTower options priced at $3949, $4899, $5699, $6799, and $8099 – and see if the massive spectrum in price difference really makes that much difference in performance?

  2. Wentz! It's Buzz from InCycle. Glad to see you're still kicking ass out there. You should pull out the old Cheeta and do a retro DH comparison just for kicks. (I have mine still). Any thoughts on the TR Smuggler? Looks like a super fun bike trail bike.

  3. Please test:
    – santa cruz nomad
    – pivot firebird
    – rocky mountain slayer
    – guerilla gravity megatrail
    – devinci Spartan
    – specialized enduro
    – intense tracer

  4. Good job with this test video!!! But, i'm interesting to see the Yeti SB6 and Rocky Mountain Slayer(that's my favorite)!! Bye

  5. I'll say the same thing I said on the review they did of the wreckoning. I think the way they did the review was awesome. It was fair to the bikes they received. But I'm just going to put this out there. EVIL WAS FOOLISH TO SEND A BIKE WITH A COIL ON IT INSTEAD OF AN AIR SHOCK!!! The delta system is sooo much better with an air shock. I currently own two of the bikes from the test. The enduro and the wreckoning. I actually switched to the wreckoning from the enduro because the enduro lacked that playful behavior that I craved. It was a planted, beast. But not that "fun" to ride. The wreckoning filled that need. The coil took all that character out of the wreckoning and made it climb like poo. The tester said is wasn't poppy and playful. But the wreckoning with an air shock would have blown his mind. It's not a perfect bike by any means. But had they had an air shock on there it would have been a different review. They are all awesome bikes. And once again, at no fault to the testers. My hat is off to them for the great job done. But Evil you messed up on this one.

  6. I would like to see another test like thist that's uses the same wheelset and tires on every bike. Seems like they talked more about tires and wheels then the bike. Also add and timed climb.

  7. There is a lot of brands out there as people mention, like ibis, Santa cruz, canyon, Cannondale, giant, Kona, ktm… A a long long etc including brands like porshe….. So if you really want to test all bikes you really have a big money problem!

  8. Something from POLE bikes, like Evolink 140 or their new Machina and from Nikolai bikes would be very interesting in comparison with those more conservative geometry bikes. Also, as mentioned below, YT Capra 29" should be tested.

  9. Really good comparison guys. Know you guys were testing bikes as they were spec'd/sent to you, but I'd love to see a test in the future where for the test you pick just one set of wheels and tyres to run on every bike to eliminate those variables, so then you're really testing out the actual bikes and their suspension and not having issues with tyres/wheels flexing, etc.

  10. The wheelbase of recent trail and enduro bikes is similar to the wheelbase of old (before 2014) dh bikes, making them nimble as a train. Too bad that the whole bike industry seems to focus more on speed and flat out trails than on playfulness. I rode different bikes over the last years, and somehow I am missing the feeling of the old enduro and trail bikes which were sometimes more fun – especially on natural trails.

  11. I think a strong reason for your first runs being slowest is because by the time you’ve ridden the trail twice you get better memory of what corner/bump/drop is coming. You guys def should have ridden the first run bike once more at the very end.

  12. The back end on the 18' enduro is hard as shit, you can put in the linkage from a 2017 bike and it sorts it right out, and it gives you 165mm travel. have done this and personally found it to be a night and day difference.

  13. Great video. Interested in seeing some 120-140mm trail bikes like the trek remedy being tested. All day mission type bikes which can hit pretty much everything.

  14. So now that you’ve tried the YT, which one would you get between the YT and the Orbea? I’d personally do as much climbing as shredding downhill


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