This is my complete and no-holds-barred review of the Yakima Dr. Tray hitch bike rack.


  1. Clint I doubt any local shop carries these, but the North Shore Racks are on about 50% of the vehicles (that have racks) here in North Vancouver. North Shore riding was born here and the MTB community has really embraced these racks No good for road bikes unfortunately, so the Yak is much more versatile

  2. The problem with even these high-end racks is that they are not made to last more than 5 years or so. Planned obsolencense and will be in a landfill in a few years. They are full of plastic parts that will eventually break and usually impossible to get parts even when fairly new. The rack is a solid all metal platform rack that is extremely well built and easy to use.

  3. Just received my Dr Tray this week and played with it today. I'm having the same issues with the bikes wanting to roll back too. Problem is that for my main bike, the hook contacts the brake hose, not the brake hose clamp. Don't really want the hook squishing my brake hose. After looking at the rack though, the wire part of the front tire tray that is supposed to contact the rear of the front tire isn't doing much. If this was bent up higher, and contacted the tire higher when at rest, it would prevent the bike from rolling rearward. Maybe there is an issue there or they need to be adjusted? I've tried both on a 26" and a 27.5" bike.

    Another issue, my car has a license plate that is mounted low like yours. When the rack is in the vertical position, it totally blocks the license plate. Not Yakima's fault but it is something to think about. A car with a license plate mounted in the trunk lid would be more visible. At least the rack is super fast and removing and reinstalling.

  4. I notice that you don't Cinch down on the arm that stabilized the front wheel. Especially on your review of the Yakima Stand Up. Expensive bike or not, I'm making sure I'm forcing it down on that tire has hard as I can. No rolling around when turning and no fussing with Velcro or tie downs on the wheels. You butchered the Yakima Stand in your last review which I think is a great product. Then purchase the same brand (different model) with the same issues. Head scratcher!!

  5. Clint, how much does this weigh? My old t2 weighs close to 70 pounds, which uses extra gas $$ and is annoying to take on and off. Also, I occasionally scrape the bottom of the rack when folded down going up steep inclines. It looks like the Yakama sticks out quite a bit. Have you experienced any scraping issues?

  6. Your bike is NOT going to fall off a yakima hold up 2 rack for SURE!! I'm not sure about this rack but I have a hold up 4 and travel from minnesota to moab, utah every spring with 4 full size mountain bikes and never had 1 problem. In fact yakima's warranty is the gold standard if anything were to happen!!!

  7. If you wedge the arm at the lowest point and have the arm actually touching the fork. You will have no rock at all. No problems here with my kuat rack. And it has the same drop at the rear wheel.

  8. Not sure why the perfect bike rack system couldn't be left out on the sun, unless it's plastic parts that your worried would crack under the direct sun. I think the solution is to eliminate the plastic parts. The solution is 1UpUSA.

  9. Thanks Clint, great review !! I am in the market for a hitch rack and have been looking at the Kuat NV2. But I will definitely look into this Yakima Dr. Tray after this video review and compare them more closely for my needs. Thanks again !

  10. Nice job Yakima, you charge $600 for your best rack and we still have to use a strap to keep the bikes on. Bikes might roll off the rack? Sounds like a deal breaker to me

  11. One thing worth mentioning its aluminum so its a good bit lighter than the old steel holdup. I also noticed it fits a 29er great. Seems to be a 27.5 issue with the tire rocking. If you notice the reason the wheel flops back is not that there is to much hanging over the back but that the tire on a 27.5 hits the plastic part at the back of the front tire and does not get stopped by the metal hanger or whatever you call that. If you bend that hanger forward it will contact the tire before that plastic piece may brake the plastic tho so proceed with caution. Holds it in better we will see if it bends back with the weight of the bike and a jarring corner.

  12. I have a Dr tray. The bike rocking side to side is a non issue. I drove thousands of kilometer, no problem. However, do not trust the cable lock. It is very easy to cut off, talking from experience!

  13. Clint, I have the Hold Up, Older model, I clamp down on the front wheel. Compressing the tire a bit. If you did that, you wouldn't need to worry about the rocking back would you? Have you tried that? Wouldn't need that additonal strap. Hell, I do 80-85 with my bike on the rack without fear. 🙂 Okay I do have the cable lock, but thats it. Great review though, looks good. big improvement.

  14. Great video of the rack!! I just saw your Colorado vlog, and tried to put a comment on there and they said no comments. So here is the one from that vlog clip. Alex is out there right now not sure if he'll be there when you get there. I thought I heard him and Seth were going to be around those parts too. Just a little FYI incase you get a chance to ride #SethsBikeHacks #TheSingleTrackSampler Live-Life-Loud!!

  15. Seriously?? A rack you can recommend? You've only had it for like a couple of days at best. Hows about you use it for a year before you make a claim like that. I Would NEVER recommend a yakima or a thule. it doesn't even take a year before these racks start creaking, vibrating or just plane falling apart, never mind 2 years. and don't get me started on rust (I do live in the north and this is a major issue here). from our experience, Both brands are like the Bose of the audio world, Nice packaging, underwhelming product. For this kind of money people deserve a product that remains solid for the long haul. Now, maybe yakima has fixed their durability issues they had with there previous racks (I highly doubt it) but time will tell. come back in a year or two and let us know. hopefully you prove me wrong so people could have more options for Durable higher end bike racks

    Also, you can easily fit a 24 to a 29 inch tire on the same rail of a 1UP without having to touch the arms. I did this for two years.. I've never tried smaller than 24 though

  16. Bought this rack at REI Memorial Day sale.  I love it.  It's significantly lighter than it's Thule counterpart. I load it with mountain bikes, fatbikes and my cross bike.  I've had no issues. IF you do not secure the front wheel, it WILL roll back a little on some bikes.  Even when it does, it was a non-issue during my drive.

  17. Hi Clint. You had a review of an old rack where you had accidentally melted a carbon rim due to the close proximity to the wheel tray and the exhaust. Is this an issue with the Dr. Tray?

  18. Thank you for the video. I have a Saris Thelma 3 on my 1.25” class 1 hitch. Always dealing with the annoying bike proximity problem. Can not adjust bikes side to side or fore and aft like the Dr. Tray. I do have a question for you though. I see you have a 1.25” hitch receiver. Is it a class 1 or class 2? Have you tried the 3rd bike add on? Looking at Yakima’s site, they recommend the Dr. Tray for class 2, 1.25” receivers only.

  19. Hi Clint. Great Video! My daughters 20 inch specialized hotrock has a wheelbase of 34 inches. Do you think it the back wheel will reach the plastic strap? Thanks.

  20. Great Video Thanks ! … I bought the Thule T2 pro and the classic. Several Negatives to that rack. It looks super strong but is no more stable than the Yakima. It weighs a TON! … I can lift the Yakima out of the Hitch with one hand and carry It easily across my garage. Good luck doing that with the Thule. I returned both of the Thule racks and now own the Yakima Dr. Tray. Couldn’t be happier. Also, the Thule does not work well with Fat bikes if you have 4.5 or greater tires. It is a struggle to get them in and out of the support arms as they are not quite long enough to accommodate the larger tires. The Yak works great! If you want to adjust anything on the Thule, you need to get the tools out if you want to take it off? … get the tools… put it back on ? … well… you know. 😛 LOVE my Yak!! Thanks again for a great review!


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