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  1. Thanks for the excellent review.  You mention some adjustability in wheel base.  Always a question these days – will the rack accommodate a cargo bike with the longer wheel base?  e.g. Yuba Mundo, Xtracycle Edgerunner.  That kind of thing.  

  2. Its a good review but you didnt even mention that having a rack and bikes on the car unless stipulated in your car insurance for special coverage is NOT COVERED by your vehicle insurance at all.   Say you have 2 $2000 bikes.  you get rear ended you car get damaged and the bike are a total loss.  MAYBE they will cover it maybe not…
     In My case I have two bikes, 2013 santa cruz XCC blur.  both WELL over $8000 EACH..
    You now have a $16,000 bumper on your $22,000 car… Your insurance will laugh at you and or drop you in a second.
    The best and only way for bikes like to be covered is IN the vehicle itself and THEN its covered through home owners insurance if you make then aware of your bikes

    Just a fare warning to anyone that does not know as I have seen it happen FAR to many times… 

  3. What about locking the bikes ? I have a 4 bike yakima the traditional one and the reason I did this one over this  rack was they didn't make this rack for more then 2 bikes has that changed? I also have a cable that comes out of the arms and locks the end bike to the rack.

  4. excellent review – thanks – in your written review you mention  that there are locking capabilities.  I'm curious where the locks are?

  5. I'm definitely looking at getting this rack. I have to go with the 2" version but I probably would even if I had the choice so I can get the +2 extension and to eliminate a lot of that flex. Really nice looking rack, and car btw.

  6. great video and the last feature is the best 😉
    (yep guinness beer is nothing for an american, they love they "water-beer" )

  7. I cannot THANK YOU enough for making this video!  I am a brand new Crosstrek owner, and a relatively new bike enthusiast. I am hoping someone local (in SF Bay Area) can help me with a hitch install for this bike rack. This Yakima rack has all those small touches and attention to detail you look for in an investment. Very nice, and very well done! 🙂

  8. OMG, you are so right that a hitch rack is better than a roof rack. When I first bought my current bike, I got a fork mount roof rack. It is such a pain to take the front wheel off, lift the bike on the roof, drive a few miles, take the bike back off, put the wheel back on, etc. I rode with my friend who has a hitch rack the other day, and it was a night and day difference.

  9. Not that it matters much but your racks are on wrong. Doesn't affect the way they work. Just affects where the stickers go.

  10. So I just got a new 2015 Crosstrek and am trying to figure out what hitch/rack configuration to go with. One of my biggest questions that I've yet to have answered is with the tilt down feature to access the rear hatchback. With this rack, on this car and hauling 6" enduro bikes with wide (30"+) bars is there still enough clearance when tilting the rack down to open the hatch fully?  Thanks!

  11. biggest complaint about a hitch rack (despite slight elevation over bumper) is the debris that gets kicked off the car tires (i.e. mud, snow/ slush, salt, gravel) gets caked onto your bike.  mud flaps help but don't eliminate.  i'll take the inconvenience of a roof rack to the contaminated…constant skipping…poor shifting drivetrain caused by using a hitch rack.  i have a 2015 crosstrek (love it) and gas mileage is not substantially impact.  also cant pull micro trailer with hitch rack.  

  12. Straps look plenty long enough but to be sure, will they completely ratchet and lock around an 80mm wheel depth? Thule will not for example.

  13. Great review but I would've love to hear more about why you like the Holdup more than the T2 and Kuat NV as those are the other ones I'm looking at. The Kuat's built-in repair stand is nice but probably not worth the $180 price difference from the Holdup.

  14. I have owned this bike rack for about 18 months.. I REALLY liked this rack UNTIL about a year later which is when the warranty expires of course. So you seen when he lowers the bike rack so he can get into his trunk? Well after a year of having this rack, it now drops like that anytime i hit a speed bump or a driveway, any bump you can think of. Thank God it doesn't drop all the way. But this is VERY concerning to me. I mean $500 is a lot of money for a rack that last a year. The issue is that the pin that keeps it in place is not very long. So after a few bumps, it knocks the pin out and Boom… There it drops. I was looking at reviews and its seems that a lot of people have this same issue at about the year point. Very disappointing. Im hoping that i can fix this somehow.

  15. Thanks os much for this video! I was leaning toward a Yakima Ridgeback, but after seeing the tray system, it might be the way to go. Do you find that when you hit bumps the rack will make contact with the ground with a lower car?

  16. how well does 2 giant 27.5 mtb fit? I heard the Thule T2 Pro are very close to each other as far as frame goes. ANd for $500 I wouldn't want that, I have a sedan and 1.25 inch receiver and thinking about this one instead.

  17. the hold up is also great because It give you more ground clearance than say a T2. T2 comes straight out of the receiver whereas the hold up has about a 4-6 inch rise

  18. Excellent review! Thank you very much for this!! Definitely changed my decision from a roof rack to a hitch rack for my bike!

  19. great video indeed. just bought one this evening. ur review made it real easy to decide on which rack to get.


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