The Xing Technologies Zycle is a sturdy, folding electric bicycle, that can handle weight up to 330 lbs, available in four color choices with affordable second-battery option, the 250 watt geared hub motor is lightweight and efficient vs. powerful. Lighter than many other folding ebikes at 43.5 lbs, the front wheel has quick release, the battery is easy to take off for storage or charging, and the bike can be carted along when folded vs. having to pick it up. Sleek integrated lights keep you visible but aren’t aimable, slightly fatter tires add comfort but don’t have reflective stripes or puncture protection, 160 mm mechanical disc brakes stop well and have motor inhibitors. Responsive 12-magnet cadence sensor and twist-throttle allow you to ride however you wish, the display panel provides limited feedback and can be difficult to read in bright light but the bluetooth app is deeper and you can charge your phone from the display panel with USB.

The Indiegogo campaign for this bike is posted at:


  1. Always interesting to see innovative design. Seems like the battery 'bay' could have easily been made to extend a little further forward to allow for more battery capacity though (unless the pivot point has something to do with how far forward the battery can be). Want to bet the Zycle 2 comes out with a larger battery?

  2. As always a thoughtful, honest in-depth review. Nothing surprising there. Anybody who watches your channel knows what can be purchased in the $1500 range in a folding E bike. In my humble opinion, despite the innovative design, functionality (they really do need to address the cuff problem) and rather cool appearance of this bike I think at $1500 it’s in the neighborhood of 4 maybe $500 overpriced after crowdfunding ends. Lawrence and Brian were awesome lol. By the way I love the snow… on my terms ; ). Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi! Thank you this great video. It was funny when the guy said it is for lazy people and he wasn't even walk. 🙂 You look very helpful guy. So I would like to ask your opinion to help me. After this video I'm really thinking about to buy this bike. I'm thinking and researching to buy one electric bike or build up my Montague Paratrooper Pro. Of corse I want something for normal price and normal quality what is really working every day. My weight is around 210 pound. And I want to use electric bike go to work from Coney Island Brooklyn to Manhattan. I also want to fold it and put in the bag and take into my job sites. (one of my bike was stollen in NYC already). It can be 15 mile so round trip 30. These kind of bikes are usually still a little wide after fold. Sondors is 18 inch the Mate is 14 inch probably the best . How about if I take off the first wheel? My Montague is working like this to put into the bag. Or I really liked Bikefriday but I can't and won't spend over $3000 for this thing.  If I buy bafang 750w or 1000w for my Montague it is going to be very strong motor but its weight around 60 pound. Plus illegal in NY. ( throttle also but I don't care ) I don't know how is the police officer know how strong is the bike's motor.? 🙂  If buy bafang to my bike it cost still between $1300-$1500. An it won't be regular bike anymore. I'm not lazy I like biking too. 🙂 Right now this bike is only $650 I guess plus shipping. ( if I can trust in the company and it's true )  If I don't like it I might sell it later. 🙂 So after what I wrote can you suggest to me something more or this Zycle can be great to me? Or maybe the Mate?  Thank You!

  4. I enjoy your vids very much, but this one had that personal dynamic and interactions that resonates with me anyway. Bravo!

  5. This gimped ebike has the same spec as the xiaomi qicycle (basically a 250w with a battery that half as big as a normal ebike).

    It has no fenders, no rack, no features, just like tge xuaomi bike. Why not just buy the xiaomi bike for 700 800 ish on amazon? 1400 list price tells me these people are scammers.

  6. Really nice design, but with a center hub motor and rear internal gears would be perfect, but then probably the price would go up too high.

  7. Nice review. However, that saddle looks bigger than what is currently featured on the crowdfunding site and I see no way to upgrade it when ordering. Is it possible to replace it with any seat post production do you know?

  8. Very little battery so it isn't going to go far even with it's under powered motor, no mud guards so it's going to make you dirty in wet or dry weather, open frame design so it could "shimmy" at any speed, cornering or turning, zip ties for cable management is amateurish, shifter on the same side as throttle makes it difficult to manage, looks should never override function. This ebike will never be worth the MSRP ($1400) and really even asking $700 on crowd funding is to much.


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